Welcome to Fabrikz

Fabrikz is a web-based concept mapping tool for physics, mathematics, and engineering. It is a great tool for organizing and presenting concepts and multi-media content. It’s fun and very easy to use!


Organize Your Lessons

Organize and present your science and math lessons with videos, images, equations, graphs and animations.

Secure & Simple

Simple to use with secure backup of use’s data.

Anywhere Access

Access and share maps online from any web-enabled internet browser.

Public Maps

How you can use Fabrikz

Fabrikz is a concept mapping tool designed specifically for technical topics, for students, teachers and engineers.

Improve Thinking Skill

A study by Farrand, Hussain and Hennesey (2002) found a 10% increase in memory retention by students using mind mapping to take notes.

Brainstorm in Projects

Exchange ideas and manage tasks easily over the internet in collaborative student projects, regardless of location.

Organize Your Lessons

Maintain a permanent, media rich archive of your notes to refer to the future, or share with others.

Prepare Your Presentations

Create rich, interactive presentations that will be memorable, and sure to impress your professors.